Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Boy Sweater

I'm currently about halfway through a sweater project for my husband (a gray alpaca pullover version of the Cambridge Jacket. Scroll down on that page if you're interested.) {Ravelry link} It's not quite as fun to post progress photos of a large, gray piece of knitting, though, (or to knit it, really!) so I'll save that for when it's completed.

I did take a break while making a decision on the zipper details, and seized the opportunity to knit this:

It's from a pattern called Kinsale, and I finished it in three days! (It's knit top-down with minimal seaming, if you care about that kind of detail. I added the applied i-cord edging around the neck and widened the sleeves slightly.) I think it will be a handsome and practical sweater for a soon-to-be-born little guy. {Ravelry link}

There seems to be more "wow" factor with girl sweaters in general, but it's nice to alternate. I need to make something with lace or ruffles next. (After I finish the large gray project, that is--back to work on that one now!)

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